Thursday, November 5, 2009

Those Fabulous Forums

From the very beginning of my weight/inch loss journey, I was active on the T-Tapp forums. At first I was the excited newbie, reporting every inch lost and every new change I noted. Then I was the question asker, as my knees got sore or I wondered about the nuance of a move. Meanwhile I did searches on topics, printing some for my notebook (see an older post about the notebook). Eventually I moved on to answer questions here and there or give a little *gulp* advice of my own. But the absolute benefit of the forum was the accountability and encouragement it offered.

I got to know other T-Tappers who understood exactly what I meant when I spoke "Tapplandia" language. You know, BWO+, PBS, back fat, third butt cheek--all those mysterious acronyms and body parts we didn't know we had. I really felt like they cared when I was discouraged and they were happy for me when I lost a size. I actually read a bit before my morning workout, to get motivated and *in the mood* for T-Tapp. The trick was to read a BIT, not get lost in posting and reading for hours (and then feel like it counted for a workout, lol)!

Someone once asked me how I had to time to stay on the forum all day. Excuse me? I pop in here and there throughout the day, but seldom have time to s-t-a-y on for a length of time. But now that a new chat feature will be enabled, ahh, the temptation!