Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of Success Stories

This morning I watched "Meet the Team" on my trusty old Basic Workout Plus DVD. It brought tears to my eyes, just like it did the other 20 times I've watched it. Today I watched it for some motivation to work out, as I'm recovering from a virus and am struggling to find energy. It did the trick.

Before I ever did a T-Tapp workout, the success stories motivated and encouraged me. I pored over the book, looking at the photos and reading the stories. I lurked on the T-Tapp website, reading old 60-Day Challenge and Testimonial Tuesday stories.

I bought the "Lost 100 Pounds" issue of People magazine and studied the photos and stories. I was particularly fascinated by the changes in people's faces when they lost weight. Being of American Indian descent, extra weight made my face round so I hoped to find my cheekbones again (I did). I cut out those pages and stapled them together and re-read them occasionally as I lost weight.

The "real people" success stories gave me hope and helped me set goals. Carol Severson, another homeschooling mom. Michelle Barbuto, mom of 6 (have you seen the woman's abs in her latest photos???!!!). Even Lani Muelrath, already gorgeous fitness diva, whose thighs shrunk from athletic ballerina to slender graceful T-Tapper.

Never underestimate the power of envisioning YOUR success story by surrounding yourself with the success stories of others!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fitness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

I returned from the annual T-Tapp Retreat in the wee hours this morning. Wow. What a week. I think this was the best so far in my limited experience of 3 years. Packed full of exercise, information, heroine worship :-) and the best girlfriends in the world.

This event reiterated to me the fact that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. T-Tappers look darn good whether they are a size 20 or a size 8. T-Tapp helps you look good no matter what your size. It reshapes and tones you DURING the journey, not just at the end, and that end can be when you choose. Nobody says you have to get to your skeletal setpoint to be *done*.

I had the fun of being a "measurer" for the weekend. Participant's measurements are taken when they arrive and then again on the last morning. Every single one of my Tappers lost (lots of) inches and believe me, I'm an experienced measurer! A svelte and toned Trainer lost over 21" by the time the Trainer Retreat was over. I'll never forget one sweet and beautiful girl crying as I measured her on the last day. She had lost so many inches she couldn't believe it. I cried, too, as I witnessed the amazing effect of moving the body and seeing how the body responded.

Short Torso, Long Torso, Combo, tall, short--I think every age, size and demographic were represented and every single one looked great. What a retreat and what a workout!