Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of Success Stories

This morning I watched "Meet the Team" on my trusty old Basic Workout Plus DVD. It brought tears to my eyes, just like it did the other 20 times I've watched it. Today I watched it for some motivation to work out, as I'm recovering from a virus and am struggling to find energy. It did the trick.

Before I ever did a T-Tapp workout, the success stories motivated and encouraged me. I pored over the book, looking at the photos and reading the stories. I lurked on the T-Tapp website, reading old 60-Day Challenge and Testimonial Tuesday stories.

I bought the "Lost 100 Pounds" issue of People magazine and studied the photos and stories. I was particularly fascinated by the changes in people's faces when they lost weight. Being of American Indian descent, extra weight made my face round so I hoped to find my cheekbones again (I did). I cut out those pages and stapled them together and re-read them occasionally as I lost weight.

The "real people" success stories gave me hope and helped me set goals. Carol Severson, another homeschooling mom. Michelle Barbuto, mom of 6 (have you seen the woman's abs in her latest photos???!!!). Even Lani Muelrath, already gorgeous fitness diva, whose thighs shrunk from athletic ballerina to slender graceful T-Tapper.

Never underestimate the power of envisioning YOUR success story by surrounding yourself with the success stories of others!

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  1. That's why I love to read your blog and read and reread your success story! You are such an Inspiration to all of us!!!