Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And Do You Brush?

I get questions about whether I used T-Tapp's brushing system and here's the skinny.  I brushed from Day One.  I've continued to brush consistently for more than three years.  Every day?  Uh, no.  But 4-6 days a week, yes.  Life happens and there have been times when I didn't brush for a few days, but I started back up because I like what it does for my skin.  I believe that skin brushing and alfalfa were the key factors in tightening my skin as I lost 9 sizes and well over 135".  I don't have loose, hanging skin like you see in those pictures of people after massive weight loss.

At first it took longer than 5 minutes because there was a lot of me to brush.  After a while I stopped brushing in front of the mirror because it was too easy to be critical of my appearance.  The routine for me was work out, shower, brush, get dressed.  Many people work out, brush and then shower.  I worked out my routine because my brush got too stinky too fast if I used it before a shower, and I'm always looking for ways to clean things less often.  And just like T-Tapp, the routine that works is the routine you'll actually do.

I have this documented on my calendar (and in an early forum post):  after 7 days of brushing, the crepe-y skin in my cleavage was smooth and tight.  Wow.  Sold!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfection Not Required

Fortunately perfection is not required to get results with T-Tapp.  I now know that my form was pretty rotten in the early months of T-Tapp. :-)  Check me out in the audience of TWO Super Slow or Critter Crunch (halfway through my size loss, at the 2007 retreat, wearing pink).  Lots of extra water breaks, only one set of Hoe Downs, collapsed core, you name it.  I sat down on the steps and cried like a baby halfway through the first workout of the retreat--really--probably because nobody wrings the lymph and toxins outta ya like Teresa Tapp. I cried again at the end of the retreat when it was time for "ta-da photos" because I was so worried that my tummy would look bad in the photo.  But the point is that I kept learning and getting stronger and staying consistent and learning some more.  Notice that being perfect (in form or schedule) is not on that list.

Progression, yes.  Perfection, no.