Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfection Not Required

Fortunately perfection is not required to get results with T-Tapp.  I now know that my form was pretty rotten in the early months of T-Tapp. :-)  Check me out in the audience of TWO Super Slow or Critter Crunch (halfway through my size loss, at the 2007 retreat, wearing pink).  Lots of extra water breaks, only one set of Hoe Downs, collapsed core, you name it.  I sat down on the steps and cried like a baby halfway through the first workout of the retreat--really--probably because nobody wrings the lymph and toxins outta ya like Teresa Tapp. I cried again at the end of the retreat when it was time for "ta-da photos" because I was so worried that my tummy would look bad in the photo.  But the point is that I kept learning and getting stronger and staying consistent and learning some more.  Notice that being perfect (in form or schedule) is not on that list.

Progression, yes.  Perfection, no.   


  1. Dear Charlotte,

    This is why you are such an inspiration, because you are HUMAN not a machine!

    Thanks for that post,

  2. Charlotte,
    one of my fears is Teresa saying that if you didn't have the form you would get the opposite results (tummy)when doing the box, as hard as it is I can't afford to get the opposite results

    AND, my sciatica has *freaked out* from that backward tilt putting pressure on my hip joint (that is used to sitting, leaning forward)

    so actually I am "off" t-tapp . . .

  3. Been tapping for over 2 months now with no results... I'm keeping on and hopeful...

  4. Cecilia, are you talking about the backward tilt of the T-Tapp stance or the part of The Box when you pop elbows back? Shoulders over hips can *look* like a backward tilt but it is not actually leaning back. Same thing for The Box--you use shoulders and elbows like chicken wings to pulse behind, but no leaning back. Let me know if I can clarify further.

    Quiet-Mom, have you posted on the forum with questions about form? You can email me at if you'd like some help. Same for you, Cecilia. I STILL don't have perfect form, but there are definitely form issues that can make a big difference.

  5. I'm majorly discouraged. Been T-Tapping pretty consistently since first of January, with NO Results. :( Just took the entire week off for spring break, and took up "decluttering" and "hosting a yard sale" as my workouts of choice! :) I keep thinking that I should be progressing if I keep after it, even if my form is not perfect. Time for me to reevaluate and see where to go from here . . . .

  6. busymomof10, I think often when no results are being seen (with the exception of someone who is very close to skeletal setpoint), it is a fairly major form issue and/or a health issue. I say that with fear and trepidation as I don't want to further discourage anyone! But I have seen people who think their form is fine and think knees are out or buns are tucked and they are totally not. We each go to our own point of position so it doesn't look the same for everyone, but there are definitely fundamentals that affect results. In my teaching of others I have heard the "ohhhhh's" when they come to a new understanding or awareness of body movment. And I have seen clients who could barely get into position but eventually rehabbed to the point of much better position and results. So it's not hopeless!

    Several months into my own journey I attended a clinic and later sent a video to a Trainer and had some real issues corrected. I truly thought I had good form, too! I know that some will think that if it's this complicated they don't want to do it. But I felt the workout WAS so effective and body-shaping and rehabilitative that it was worth the effort to pursue further coaching on my form. It wasn't the workout--it was me and my interpretation or neurokinetic connection. Certain aspects of form have far-reaching effects and are the essence of what makes T-Tapp different.

    Remember also, that I got *stuck* for 3 months at one point. Trisch on the forum (Blessed Mama, mom of 9) got stuck for a lot longer than that more than once. We both started in a size 22W and now I'm maintaining a size 6 and she's in an 8 and still losing. Please, keep learning and working it--it's so worth it!

  7. Thanks Charlotte. I got the book from the library and I think (think..wonder...think) my form is pretty good but who knows. After buying several videos my husband would not like it if I told him I now need to go pay a trainer to tell me if I'm doing it right or not... sigh but I may break down at do that at some point.

    At 47 and in that lovely stage of peri-meno I'm sure much of my "stuckness" is due to hormonal imbalance. I guess I'm just surprise that I've seen no change at all in how my clothing fits or anything. But, like I said, I will keep plugging along because it must be doing something and I trust it will work eventually.

  8. Quiet-Mom, I can relate to your lovely hormonal season of life. I'm not sure I really believed how it could affect us until I experienced it myself!

    Why don't you get that book from the library again and go over the Basic Stance? It sets you up for every move. The mind-bending part of T-Tapp is that we get all set up and start the move, then those knees straighten and come in, the shoulders creep forward and up, the belly lets need to do a constant circuit of re-setting. Try using the *pause* button or do 4 reps slow while the DVD does 8. Really pay attention to what's happening with your tuck during those slower reps. Re-set yourself up before each move begins (you can fit that in and then do only 4 reps). See what happens. Your husband will be happy because this is free. :-)

  9. :) Thanks for the bonus tips Charlotte! I'll give it a try.