Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upper Body Workout = Lower Body Inch Loss

I had an interesting experience at one point in my T-Tapp journey.  I had an "area of concern" which is Teresa's nice way of saying "area of flab and bumps I don't like."  In this case it was upper arms and I was determined to make some progress because inch loss was s-l-o-w in that spot.  I was wearing a size 10 and thought I was at my goal so I had been happily shopping and buying my new wardrobe.

Enter Tempo Arms bootcamp.  Remember--I like short, rare bootcamps.  I did Tempo Arms for five days straight and then continued doing it 1-2x week for about a month, plus other mostly short workouts.  We're talking 30 minutes, folks.  My body tends to show results from a bootcamp or harder effort 2-3 weeks down the road, not immediately after.  Imagine my surprise when the 10's started hanging on me.  I bought a pair of size 8 pants and they fit.  For about a month.  I sort of blew past the 8's and got into 6's and even some 4's.  I was absolutely surprised.  Tempo ARMS?!

Muscle activation and leverage isometrics, baby.  Holding that T-Tapp stance while working the upper body is powerful.  Consistency is powerful.  T-Tapp is powerful.  I had spent the year before doing consistent T-Tapp and it had worked its magic internally, which translated into external transformation.  My body is still changing and reshaping--25 years of obesity isn't going to completely rehabilitate in 3 years, especially at age 50.  But hey, it's a start.


  1. Charlotte - I love this post!

    "Consistency is powerful. T-Tapp is powerful."

    Wonderful way to put it! Tempo Arms is amazing. Right now I'm working on Tempo Lower Body - it's working already.

  2. Charlotte - I just love your inspirational T-Tapp journey! Can you clarify - when you started to do Tempo Arms, 2 - 3x's per week, did you do other workouts a couple times a week?


  3. *muah* to Casey!

    LOL! Sharon, I had to go back and edit my post--I am even less impressive than I thought. I checked my calendar pages from that month after the bootcamp:

    1st week after BC: Arms 2x, More 2x, LB BWO+, LB Standing

    2nd week after BC: Took the entire week off! (I remember I was traveling and fatigued)

    3rd week after BC: Arms 1x, LB BWO+ 2x, MORE, SATI

    4th week after BC: Arms 1x, LB BWO+ 1x, HTFS, SATI, MORE

    At this point I was solidly in a size 8. I continued a similar schedule into the next month and got into a size 6 where I have pretty much stayed, weight gain or not, still doing an occasional few weeks of harder effort, then more than a few weeks of all short workouts (3-4x week). Cool to have the records to verify. This is really what I did.

  4. Dear loving Charlotte,
    Thank you AGAIN for sharing your experience with such a great energy and passion. I am more than happy to meet you in a month, BOY do I have questions!!! I still think you (and the other T-Tappers) are doing WO all day long, just by reading all the WO you do. And still amaze each time I read new WO's names! wow there are many :)

    Thank you Charlotte for being my FIRST inspiration in this T-Tapp experience and you know me (after all the mails, I think we got to a point of friendship ahahahah) I love to say HOW WONDERFUL you are as a person.

    Thank you for all of that!
    (tried to "suscribe", still don't get your new posts! well.. I'll come time to time)


  5. Johanne, my dear, I assure you that I do NOT workout all day long! :-) To spare you looking up all of those abbreviations, I'll list them with the time frame below:
    MORE = MORE workout, 20 minutes
    LB BWO+ = Ladybug version of Basic Workout Plus, 20 minutes
    Tempo Arms = 30 minutes
    SATI = Step Away the Inches, 23 minutes
    HTFS = Hit the Floor Softer (Level 1) 30 minutes

    As you can see, definitely not Super Tapper! (and you are so cute!)

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  7. Wait to meet me, after you'll say it out loud ahaha...

    I have a good idea for the WO abbreviations but it seems to have so many it's a LIFETIME ADVENTURE. No retirement from T-Tapping, thanks to Teresa :)

    Thanks again (oh I do have also a calendar where I write "all" the WO I do and when. It helps at the end of the month to see the big picture)

  8. Clothes that are too big seems to be a side effect of T-tapp! These days my belt is my greatest wardrobe requirement. ;-) My friend and I came to the OK Renew You and learned so much. Thank you! (I was the birthday girl.)

  9. Cooool! Needing a belt is a good thing! I'm glad you learned a lot and it sounds like you're applying what you learned!

  10. I'm new to the T-Tapp forums, but found the link to your blog from there. I just have to say the idea of using a notebook to keep track of your journey in T-Tapp is a wonderful idea! I've started doing the same thing and it's great to look back and what I've been doing and tracking my results. It's also helping me keep track of my GM/MM eating. You're an inspiration! Thank you.

  11. Well thanks, Valerie! I STILL go back every once in a while and look at my records so I'm so glad I have them. Plus it helped me along the way as I stated in another post. Enjoy learning from the forums!