Friday, February 26, 2010

Making Short Workouts Effective, Part 2

Gee whiz, sorry so much time passes between posts.  Life happens.  I realized I need to write "blog post" on my calendar so there's a slight chance it will get done. 

More questions from Elizabeth:
Also, did you brush after "every" workout? What about supplements? What supplements did you take during your weight loss that you feel really made a difference for you? Did you use PG spray? Alfalfa?

Yes and yes.  I did brush about 6 days a week and I truly believe it helped my skin tighten as I lost the inches.  Even when I did workouts every-other-day, I brushed every-day.  A few months in to my T-Tapp life, I began to take Sundays off from anything remotely resembling T-Tapp, and that included brushing.  I needed a mental break, a day that was *legal* and guilt-free, even if I had missed a couple of days before Sunday.  It is very rare for me to do any T-Tapp on Sundays to this day.  My life is so 24/7 with a (very) large family that I guard against getting overwhelmed, 'cause it doesn't take much to tip the scales in that direction.  I guarded my mental attitude towards T-Tapp by those Sundays and occasional longer breaks because I didn't want to burn out and quit. 

Supplements?  As an O blood type I don't need Fibertox so after that first bottle I didn't take it anymore.  I took alfalfa pretty consistently and when I didn't I definitely noticed a negative difference in my skin texture and the appearance of cellulite.  In my current lovely menopausal season of life I take 8-12 day.  I used PG spray and B-12 during workouts and again in the afternoon.  And let's not forget Skin Saver.  I used Skin Saver Face under my eyes morning and night and Skin Saver Body on problem areas.  I also took Natural Calm before bed fairly regularly.

And I'm not saying if you run out and buy and do all of this you'll get the same results, I'm just sharing what I actually did because, after all, that is the point of this blog. :-)


  1. Charlotte, can you tell me more about "type O blood not needing fibertox"? why and where can I learn more? Thanks.

  2. Have you listened to Teresa Tapp's Personal Profile CD? She discusses blood types, heritage, nationalities, etc. and how they affect us. Fascinating and thought-provoking! Type O's tend to have good digestion (and a sluggish lymph system) so no need for a fiber product (although Teresa recommends it for detox or cleansing occasionally). Other blood types have a higher need for help with regularity so Fibertox would be in order.

  3. I haven't heard that, thanks for the info!

  4. Hello to you

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience. I appreciate a LOT

    Johanne from Quebec

  5. Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for blogging. I quit T-tapping a year ago about this time in the midst of an illness that took weeks to creep through my family of 8. I had begun T-tapping in the fall and had done very well, even through the holidays, but as school/life/illness set in, I felt I was fighting an uphill battle. I have gained back what I lost and lost what I gained as far as muscle tone.

    I have been so discouraged and reluctant to start again because it WAS so hard the first time, and yet, I cannot forget how much better I was beginning to feel.

    I am home today with several sick children and made myself log on to the T-tapp forum for the first time in a long time. I noticed a post by you - who was my inspiration over a year ago to even try this - and followed the link to your blog. I just read through every single post. Thank you. I needed to hear all this...especially the encouragement to just get through the 15 min. BWO+.

    I know what I need to do. :)


  6. Thanks so much for everything you share. You are an inspiration to me. Have been from the start. :)

  7. Thanks for these comments, ladies. I totally understand the discouragement and obstacles that can get in our way. Breathe. It's okay to start slow. I did BWO+ 4x week for months during a season of family illnesses and busy holidays and still lost inches. The rehabilitation that went on in my body was worth every minute.