Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upper Body Workout = Lower Body Inch Loss

I had an interesting experience at one point in my T-Tapp journey.  I had an "area of concern" which is Teresa's nice way of saying "area of flab and bumps I don't like."  In this case it was upper arms and I was determined to make some progress because inch loss was s-l-o-w in that spot.  I was wearing a size 10 and thought I was at my goal so I had been happily shopping and buying my new wardrobe.

Enter Tempo Arms bootcamp.  Remember--I like short, rare bootcamps.  I did Tempo Arms for five days straight and then continued doing it 1-2x week for about a month, plus other mostly short workouts.  We're talking 30 minutes, folks.  My body tends to show results from a bootcamp or harder effort 2-3 weeks down the road, not immediately after.  Imagine my surprise when the 10's started hanging on me.  I bought a pair of size 8 pants and they fit.  For about a month.  I sort of blew past the 8's and got into 6's and even some 4's.  I was absolutely surprised.  Tempo ARMS?!

Muscle activation and leverage isometrics, baby.  Holding that T-Tapp stance while working the upper body is powerful.  Consistency is powerful.  T-Tapp is powerful.  I had spent the year before doing consistent T-Tapp and it had worked its magic internally, which translated into external transformation.  My body is still changing and reshaping--25 years of obesity isn't going to completely rehabilitate in 3 years, especially at age 50.  But hey, it's a start.