Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More about The Beginning

One thing I did from the very beginning was to keep careful records. There was something satisfying and motivating about filling in calendar pages and writing down goals. The fun part is that I have those records to look back on now. Through my inch loss journey I was able to track results and get a true picture of the results of workouts. When inch loss slowed or stopped all I had to do was look at what I had actually done in the last couple of weeks. Somehow we tend to fool ourselves about what we're REALLY doing when it comes to workouts, so the actual proof was helpful and eye-opening. Someone once said that we think reading about T-Tapp and posting on the forum means we're spending time doing T-Tapp but the only thing that gives you results is pushing *PLAY* and getting off the couch!

More coming soon on some of the emotional and mental challenges I faced as a brand new Tapper...

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  1. I love your new blog! I'm doing the TTapp 60 Day Challenge and today is my 4th day doing the TWO. I'm really looking forward to receiving information and inspiration from your blog! Keep those tips a coming! ;)