Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My first week with T-Tapp: the nitty-gritty details!

258 pounds, size 22W. 42" waist, 52" abs, 49.5" hips. I sat at the computer browsing through one of my favorite blogs, "Large Family Logistics" and read an article about the author's favorite "stretching exercise" called T-Tapp. I clicked on the link and looked around the website. My heart began to beat a little faster with hope--was it possible? The success stories were impressive, but I was skeptical. Still, my curiosity was piqued so I read some more. I decided to order the Total System and promised myself that I would do the 15-minute workout. After all, I reasoned, ANYONE can do 15 minutes a day.

Here are actual notes from my records of the first 10 days:
Day 1 - received package; watched "Yes You Can" DVD and Instructional #1
Day 2 - Instructional #1 first time! (shaky & nauseated) Brush and salt bath
Day 3 - Instructional #1, Brush
Day 4 - Brush, Instructional #1
Day 5 - Brush, Instructional #1, 1/2 set HoeDowns, sore
Day 6 - Basic Workout, 1/2 set HoeDowns, Brush, knees sore
Day 7 - Basic Workout, 3/4 set HoeDowns, Seeing results! Firmer thighs and arms, cellulite and stretch marks smoother
Day 8 - Instructional #1, Brush, (no knees on Plies--sore & crackling), new shoes--Skechers Energy
Day 9 - Basic Workout, Brush, first third of Instructional #2 and 1/2 set HoeDowns
Day 10 - Basic Workout Plus, Brush, salt bath, measured: -5 inches, -1 pound!!

By Day 16 I had lost 14.5" and 4 pounds. I felt better than I had in years. I was hooked!


  1. How did you lose so much so quickly? You have had phenomenal results!

    You are sooooo my role model!!

    Keep posting girl!!!!

  2. lol! I think I was so out of shape that T-Tapp had a lot to work with! All I can figure is that Instructional #1 is so powerful it worked wonders...

  3. HI Charlotte, I don't know if you remember me, we emailed back and forth a couple of times. You were so helpful and encouraging, thank you!

    I will keep coming and peeking to see what you post! Thanks for sharing what the Lord has done, it really blesses the rest of us.

    Oh, and what you shared about eating till satisfied, comparing it to the whole having to go to the bathroom thing, BRILLIANT! Finally, after years and years of struggling with this one, it clicked!

    Blessings to you!

    (She Looketh Well)

  4. That is so GREAT, Michelle! (She is referring to comparing hunger with needing to go to the bathroom. When you've eliminated, you feel nothing. So when you're hungry you should eat till you feel nothing--not totally stuffed, not even a bit overfull, just nothing). I highly recommend The Lord's Table, a free online 60-day course for weight loss, for futher help.


  5. That first paragraph could be me - except heavier & bigger numbers to accompany.

    I've looked at the site since first hearing about T-Tapp, and wonder "could this be the one?" I'm nearly 56 and want to go into my senior years weighing less than I have over the last 40. I see blogs like yours and it gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your story. I just hope I can do the right thing.

  6. Thank you for starting this blog! I'm sure your time is limited and it can't be easy to fit writing in. Your experiences are so meaningful to me, and I am finding a lot of strength and encouragement while reading.

    You have a great writing voice, very personal and fun to read. Not everyone with a great story has the writing chops to tell it! If you ever write a book, I'll be the first in line to buy it.


  7. I just started t-tapp as well, (now in my 4th day, and boy my thighs are screaming!)

    Do keep up with the good work and tracking your progress with T-tapp. It has been helpful and most inspiring to me.

  8. I started t-tapp and I feel tired in the middle of the 15 minute workout. I also am a home schooler. Just wanted to congratulate you on your perseverence and success, quite the inspiration.

    God Bless,