Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ladies, I've Been Consistent

If you've watched the video on the T-Tapp website, you heard me say in the second half, "Ladies, I've been consistent." While I was standing in line that night I wrestled with myself about whether to say that because I didn't want to sound smug or haughty. But my eyes got bigger and bigger as I heard one person after another say, "Welllll, I really haven't been consistent....." so I just had to share that "secret" of my success. Notice I didn't say, "I've been perfect" or "I put my entire life on hold so I could T-Tapp" or "I also did extra cardio, lifted weights and did Pilates three times a week!"

So what do I mean by consistent? Well, I looked back at my calendar pages from the months between Safety Harbor 2007 and Safety Harbor 2008 to find out exactly what I meant. Here's what I found:

Nov 07: BWO+ or Ladybug BWO+ 4x week
Dec 07: "
Jan 08: "
Feb 08: "
Mar 08: "
Note: The holidays and an unusual number of illnesses for me and my family, including Influenza Type A, limited my time and energy--but I still lost inches, albeit more slowly for these months.
Apr 08: 2008 60-Day Challenge began
Week 1 - MORE, BWO+, HTFS, Tempo Arms
Week 2 - LB BWO+, SATI, Arms, HTF, MORE
Week 3 - Arms, LB BWO+, HTFS, SATI, MORE
Week 4 - SATI, Arms, LB BWO+, HTF
Week 5 - SATI, LB Floor, Arms, LB BWO+
May 08: 2nd month of the 60-Day Challenge, so I did a more rigorous schedule, including Tempo Arms at least 2x week and an Arms 5-day bootcamp
Jun 08: First week I took off completely due to travel and fatigue--the longest I had ever taken off since beginning T-Tapp. To my surprise, I lost 5 pounds.
Weeks 2 - 4 - One long workout, one HTF, and a couple of shorts (usually BWO+ or MORE)
July - September, more of the same

You will notice that I mixed up workouts quite a bit. I liked the variety, it kept things fresh, and it worked my whole body in different ways. But I suspect that the actual workouts I did are not as important as the fact that I DID workouts, 4-6x week. Was my form perfect? Heck, no--but I didn't flop through or watch TV while T-Tapping, so I did my best and went to my max. And T-Tapp did its max on me.


  1. Charlotte, You are so cute on this picture :) And so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your Tapp-stories, they keep us consistent too :)
    Love, Tara*

  2. Thanks, Sistah! You know we all appreciate your sharing!

    I agree with Tara--you're cute and young looking in that pic! ;)


    (for some reason this posts under my dd's name--sorry about that! :)

  3. Hear hear! This is what my essay was about for the 30 day challenge--it's not as much about doing very long workouts as it is about being consistent. THANKS Charlotte!

  4. Awww--you all are so sweet! I need to hire my daughter to do my makeup every day because she always takes a few years off. And Kayla, so true--no substitute for consistency.

  5. Well, your daughter must be some makeup artist because you look maybe 25 in that picture!

    Nice to see you blogging again. :)

  6. What a JOY to see a post from you!! I have checked your blog often, and been disappointed when there weren't any new posts. Thank you so much for sharing "the nuts and bolts" of the T-Tapp program with us! Reading your post just makes me want to jump up and do a T-Tapp workout!!! I just love reading what you have to see -- so please keep blogging! :)


  7. Wow Charlotte! The power of consistency!! :) Just when you think doing (or not doing) a workout doesn't matter.. it totally does! :) Thank you thank you for your blog! :)

  8. Charlotte,

    What is the Ladybug BWO+? Is that just the first part of Ladybug and then added Hoe Downs?

    This post is so interesting for me to contemplate. A friend of mine (that I just introduced to T-Tapp) has been doing Total Workout 6x a week for the last 3 weeks. I told her I thought that was too much, from reading I've done on the forums. I think I'll send her this post and suggest she split up the TW with shorter workouts...

    I've been doing Total Workout (Beginner/Rehab) 3x a week (but I usually stop after Hoe Downs. And then I've been walking 40 minutes 2-3 times a week. I'd love to be able to do some T-Tapp short workouts on the days I can't walk when the weather turns.

    Anyway, thanks for posting!

  9. Whoa--TWO 6x a week? That's like back-to-back bootcamps and that is NOT optimal for inch loss, believe it or not! Less is More with T-Tapp. She needs to go Every Other Day (EOD), but she can do BWO+ on "off" days, and needs to take one complete day off every week.

    For Ladybug BWO+ you stop after HoeDowns (man, it's been so long since I did Ladybug I can't remember if you do Advanced HoeDowns on that one--sorry, I have TWO on the brain due to being a Trainer-in-Training). She says something like "if you have time, let's continue..." So you're basically doing the same moves as BWO+, with Ladybug tweaks.