Friday, June 12, 2009

Thought Check-Up

In keeping with the power of our thoughts, let's do a quick check-up. We can play a little word association game, or rather phrase association game. Pretend I'm the psychologist in a leather chair, clipboard in hand, reading glasses on my nose. You're reclining on the leather couch, with hands comfortably folded, feeling relaxed.

Me: time to workout
You: I don't have time
Me: time to T-Tapp
You: I'm too tired
Me: it's only 15 minutes
You: I don't wanna change clothes
Me: lace up your shoes
You: I'll do it later

You get the picture. The thought of what we should do is answered by the thought of what we *feel* like doing. Those darn feelings! Life is full of feelings. Going with the feelings leads to feelings we don't like, i.e., six weeks of not working out leads to creaky mornings and fat jeans. So we get feelings either way. Choose carefully which feelings you listen to and follow, for the Pied Piper of Feelings likes to lead you where it wants to go, not where YOU really want to end up.


  1. Charlotte,

    So right on - we can't count on our feelings to get us where we want to go all the time. Feelings can be fickle! They are based on our past experiences which we need to retool if we want a new result.


  2. Hey Charlotte, found you over at the T-Tapp forums. Still trying to decide if I want to do it. It sounds awesome...but I certainly can't afford any of the big getting started husband just lost his job :( Any advice?

  3. Hi Charlotte! I am missing your updates! :)

    I wondered if you would post about how you organize your life and schedule your days to fit in T-Tapp.


  4. Hi Charlotte - you are such an inspiration to me... I am reading this as I am having this exact conversation in my head about getting up and doing SATI. But I know I'll get up and do it. Because the results are just so amazing to me.

    Jamie (momto6babyducks on the t-tapp forums)

  5. aloha charlotte,
    can you share a bit about "how" you eat. do you really wait for your tummy to growl as described in the WDD? if so, are you afraid or were you afraid of losing muscle? i get so confused with so much info out there. i've had success before with the WDD but again, became confused with all the info...please share when you can.

    aloha in Christ,
    denise b.

  6. I enjoyed reading this. By the way Charlotte, what's Ti-tap? I haven't heard of this.

    Melina xx

  7. Hey, Melina--nice to see you hear. T-Tapp is the world's most amazing and efficient exercise program--oops, sorry, I'm just such a believer! You can read lots at!

  8. Hi Denise--I do wait until I'm *hungry* to eat. I'm not afraid of losing muscle because I figure my body will let me know when and how much to eat. As long as I'm T-Tapping consistently I will not lose muscle mass (according to Brad Pilon's research in Eat Stop Eat) and that has been my experience as well.

  9. OKAY! This makes so much sense. I appreciate you sharing this. I'll be waiting for my "growl" as well then since this method is the only successful way I've lost weight in the past~that coupled with ttapp~can't wait to see what will happen!