Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Set Up Your Space for Success

I'll take a little detour from the power of thoughts to some practical things I did at the beginning of my T-Tapp life. From the start I took it seriously and set my physical space up for success. I got my own cute little flat-screen TV (with the all-important remote!) and DVD player and set it up in a corner of my bedroom on the desk where I apply makeup. As a detour from a detour, I stopped putting my makeup on at the bathroom mirror and created a space for this ritual several years ago as a celebration of femininity, but that's another post and possibly another blog. :-)

I cleared out a bedside cabinet for my T-Tapp DVDs and found a place for my brush. I bought a few workout tops and shorts at cheap places like Walmart and Ross, but they were *real* workout clothes nonetheless. I knew that a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants would not make me feel as "official" and they would make me hot anyway. In the summer I was grateful for the ceiling fan, and if I worked out elsewhere I had a portable fan. My first week of T-Tapp I wore some cheapo cross-trainers but my feet killed me. Forum posts directed me to Skechers 2250's and they changed my T-Tapp practice. I am now on my 4th pair, partly due to the fact that weight loss and T-Tapp caused me to lose 2 shoe sizes.

I was fortunate to have a large mirror in my bedroom sink area but if I hadn't I would have bought a mirror for the back of the door. A mirror is invaluable in helping with form (but NOT in watching yourself brush, see post below). Our rather small bedroom has a king-size bed but it is set on an angle. Through furniture re-arrangements and acquisitions over the past couple of years, my T-Tapp space is always a consideration. It doesn't take much space, but I'm very tall and very long-legged so finding a spot where I won't hit the ceiling fan or door frames is sometimes a challenge.

I mostly T-Tapp in my bedroom to this day, but occasionally I feel claustrophobic so I work out in the den. This doesn't happen often because I have to dodge little children, answer vital questions like "is it time for lunch?" at 8:02am, and grab the white-out from an artistic 3yo. Did you know that white-out dries like cement on skin in seconds and does NOT wash off couch cushions? At least in my bedroom, for those few minutes, I don't have to know.


  1. Charlotte,

    What champion ideas - creating specialness and ritual around your workouts.

    I think it denotes a BIG shift in thinking. If we leave everything to chance with our workouts, chances are they won't happen. And if we create a sense of care, self-nurturing, and beauty around them, we are sending ourselves a whole new message.

    I also appreciate that you are sharing about finally really taking a look and how that stepped you away from denying and ignoring. Many women are afraid to do just this and can derail into a "healthy at any size" mentality.

    There's nothing wrong and absolutely everything right about aspiring for health and beauty no matter what your size, but it's easy for it to cross over to an "oh well" way of thinking.

    Great post!


  2. Wow! I am so glad that I found your blog. I'd read about your success on the website but reading how things changed for you bit by bit is great! I want to have the success you have- like you said in the video clip about 'this is what you can do if you are consistent' really hit the nail on the head for me. That's the trap I fall into. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!! I am going to commmit to being consistent. I can do this. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Lani! For years I had the "what's the use" and "oh well" frame of mind. T-Tapp changed that--permanently.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog, Clara!

  4. Charlotte,

    I've put your blog on my bookmarks so I can come to it every time I need motivation. I am a size 8/10 but need to get IN shape. I am seriously out of shape. Thanks for the great story.

    Rhonda in Indy

  5. I enjoyed this post immensely. Your post challenged me to organize and create spaces. I realize I own far too much STUFF. Time to clean so I can make room for what's important to me right now.

    Incidentally, I love vanities. I'm trying to figure out how to set one up. (And I would love to see you keep a blog on femininity!)

  6. Hi Charlotte,

    Your blog is really going to take off, I am sure of it! You are an encouragement. God is/will use you to touch many people. Who's of thunk, huh? So funny where and how He leads us. You go girl!

    Have a lovely day!
    Amazed by His Grace,

  7. Oh, how I relate to the "Is it lunchtime yet?" at 8:02 comment!!!

    And why is it they come in to talk to you while you are doing Balance, of all things?! That does NOT make for a nice mommy!

    We have my mom's small dvd player and my dad's old tv--but we're thinking of getting a small flat screen so I can work out in relative peace in my room, too!

    Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    (Oh, and I totally agree about the workout wear! Loving mine!)



  8. Charlotte,
    I am totally loving your blog and can't wait for the next post! I check every day to see if you have added anything! Please, keep those motivating posts coming!!!! :)

  9. Wow, I didn't realize how much I would receive back from this blog. I REALLY appreciate your sweet comments.

    I told someone it proves that God has a sense of humor for me to be a fitness trainer. Me! The Non-Athlete-Who-Has-Never-Been-in-a-Gym. But He has opened doors for me to encourage more people with T-Tapp than anything I have ever done. I'd never have "thunk" it!

  10. Hey Charlotte,
    Since you mentioned that you are now a personal trainer, would you be interested in meeting with me and my sister? Email me please. clarissa_k (at) yahoo dot com
    Thanks!! Clara

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  12. This post made me chuckle. I have five children and homeschool 4 of the five. I am doing a bootcamp(have had tap since '07 but haven't been consistent :P)so I have been getting up at four to fit in the tapping. Yesterday I just didn't feel like getting up at four so I did my workout in the afternoon. 4 were outside one was napping but it seemd the second I started they all came in and of course there was "trouble" I get snappish too b/c I really have to concentrate. I was only too happy to get up at four and get it done early today!! :)