Friday, September 4, 2009

Losing Weight and T-Tapp

I can hardly over-emphasize the importance of T-Tapp in my weight loss. I actually did NOT start out to lose over 100 pounds and reach a size 6 (and yes, I have more than one size 4 in my closet). I started out to feel better and lose a couple of sizes to look better.

From the very beginning I was active in the T-Tapp online forum community. I say community because it is truly a great place to receive encouragement, information and accountability. I started a T-Tapp notebook (hmm, an idea for a blog post) and kept careful records of my measurements, weight and workout schedule. I'm a true Combo so I had to lose about 18" or so to lose a size, so no "2 sizes in a month" for me. My records kept me motivated even when I got stuck in a size 18 for three months. I was still slowly losing inches so I knew I was making progress. If I had been relying on how I felt or my clothes I probably would have given up in despair.

Plain and simple, T-Tapp reshaped my figure and helped me look good AS I lost the weight and that in itself was motivating. I remember how exciting it was to have a waist again. I remember the day my thighs didn't rub together any more. You can do a search under my forum name "fruitvine" and read those 2007-2008 posts and follow that journey, since I'm a real person. Someone I know said if they hadn't seen it happen before their very eyes they would have thought my photos were digitally edited and my story was "yeah, right."

T-Tapp reset my metabolism, gave me energy, resolved my blood sugar and sinus and knee issues, and made me strong and flexible. Oh, and did I mention that my hips are smaller than before I had 12 babies?! You don't get that kind of results from weight loss alone. Teresa Tapp said "IMO, too many people put more focus on food and supplements instead of moving their bodies," and I have to agree. I know that without T-Tapp and its skin brushing, my body would look very different after massive weight loss.

T-Tapp has also been the major factor in weight and inch maintenance. I recently had the experience of a medical restriction on exercise for a month. I gained a few pounds and inches (and my eating didn't change). I felt sluggish and creaky and emotional, as I am in the throes of menopause. But after about 2 weeks of *consistent* movement (MORE, OIP, and other moves here and there), the inches and pounds are coming off.

Okay, end of commercial. Actually, when I start counting the benefits and effects of T-Tapp in my life I sound like an infomercial! But I don't have to make it up--I lived it.


  1. Thank you for sharing this -- I am also a combo and started the challenge in May and finished with only a 11" loss. Although my clothes fit better (and I feel better!) I am still a size 12. I am so much more stronger that I know it is working but a size loss would be nice to see!

    You are such a encouragement to me! When you have the time, would you please share which workouts you started with and how many days a week you T-Tapp now? I thought I had read some where that you do Basic Workout Plus 5 days a week. Sometimes I only have 15 minutes (I also homeschool) and its hard to fit in a longer workout. But I'm so afraid I am going to let myself slide once school resumes. Thanks again Charlotte! Blessings...Dana

  2. Words can't express how much of an encouragement your story has been to me. I've always had some excuse for not moving and in recent history it seemed like maybe my excuses were legitimate(homeschooling, 6 children, etc.) I heard of your story through the Sonlight forums. I read it over several times. There were so many details that spoke to my life that I started to think maybe I could do this. Now I'm one month into it and I feel so great. Like you, I haven't lost 2 sizes yet, but I can tell changes are going on. I was so delighted to find your blog! Each post has answered a specific question I was wondering about and encourages me to keep going. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! Dana, if you'll read earlier posts I have more details about how I started out. I am able to do less now because I'm in maintenance (but am actually doing more right now due to Trainer Certs in 3 weeks!).

    Yes, YOU can! lol--I just did a post on fitting in T-Tapp with homeschooling and now I'm finding that later in the day is working better for this season. Life changes, so must our schedules. Just be careful not to let the busyness of the new school year crowd out T-Tapp. For me it is crucial to maintain my energy and mood (and size!).

  4. Thank you, Charlotte. After I posted the comment I noticed you had addressed my questions regarding your wo schedule. What a help and encouragement you are to so many of us. I'm excited for you as you embark on your T-tapp trainer certs!! Blessings Dana

  5. Thanks Charlotte - your comments about one or two children needing more focused attention in certain subjects each year and that this was the year to focus on T-tapp was so helpful. I can get so wrapped up in the "now" that I forget about seasons changing and that it's "okay" to take a short time to focus on me too. And most of the time when I'm T-tapping I've got at least one child tapping beside me(gym class!).